PVC Vinyl Privacy Fencing

Best Privacy Fencing in Jacksonville, FL

Tan Vinyl Privacy Fencing Panel
Best Privacy Fencing, Jacksonville, FL

If your looking for the best privacy fencing in Jacksonville, FL then look no further than American Fence and Railing. In this article we will explore the different types of privacy fencing that are typically found in North Florida which is both sunny and humid. With the constant heat from the summer sun beating down on your privacy fence it’s a harsh climate for any fencing. Add to the sun the near daily barrage of humidity produced by summer rain you have a tough environment for any type of fencing.

PVC Vinyl Privacy Fencing

PVC Vinyl Fencing Colors

Vinyl fencing comes in a variety of colors from the standard white to the newer tan color as well as a host of other colors which have come out from suppliers such as Bufftech . Take for instance the following vinyl colors which are available in wood finishes.

Manufacturer: Bufftech

Color: Canyon Blend

Color: Artistic Blend

Color: White

Sierra Blend in PVC Vinyl Color: Sierra Blend

These colors are but a few of what’s available. Not only are there a wide range of colors available but there are also many textures to choose from including stone.

Care and maintenance of your vinyl fence is a consideration, especially here in the Jacksonville, FL metro market. Most vinyl fencing products protect against common stains. The fence will become dirty like any other outdoor fence that is exposed to the daily weather here in Florida.

Soil, chalk and grime can be removed by simply washing the fence with soapy water. For Mildew you can use a combination of detergent like Tide, Soilax and Clorox with water mixed together. Check with your fencing manufacturer for the correct amounts.